Will Anyone Read This?

So this is my first blog post. I never thought I’d do this one day, but here I am. Is anyone even going to read this? Why did I decide to write this anyway? On the surface I think it’s like a journal of sorts, but deep down I think it’s a way to validate my mundane life by using interesting words. Either way, here we go.

I’m not entirely sure what the whole focus of this will be, but I have a few ideas. I want people to see that I’m not “brave” or “inspiring” or “f*cking crazy” for living this independent and sporadic life. I want people to know that any dumb b*tch can do anything they set their mind to! But, I think the main thing I want is…money! Seriously, how do people get paid for writing blogs?! Do I need to become social media famous first? Should I post a few risque photos along with this first draft? Nah, that would scare people off or get me kicked off this platform. Whatever, maybe I’ll get noticed by the right person and that’ll be that.

However this goes, I’ll at least get some personal satisfaction from writing this. Maybe I’ll give someone some decent advice or hope. Maybe I’ll make someone laugh on a bad day. Either way, this will kill some time while I should be doing something productive. Plus, I quit drinking alcohol (for the time being, don’t worry friends) so I need another excuse to spill my feelings and say things that might insult people!

Stick with me pals, this is just the beginning! Xoxo, Gossip Girl….. HA! Just kidding, I’ll think of my own “sign off” eventually.

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